The Ronald Anthony Diaries

The chronicles of being a father to a fun-loving boy growing up into manhood.

Time to move on....

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A lot has changed in the five years since I first started this blog. My son is now a teenager, in high school, and almost as tall as I am. This blog was initially meant to document my (mis)adventures in raising a kid. This is no longer the case though, as he is already a young man and his very own person at this point in time.

As such, I guess it's about time to post my very last update to this blog. I believe my son is old enough to express himself the way he wants, the way he wants to be known and recognized, without any need for me blogging on his behalf.

It's been a fun five years. Don't expect to see the last of Aaron though, as he is starting to make his mark on the web all by himself (take a look at his Facebook page). Sooner or later, he'll probably get into blogging himself, and carry on where this blog left off. I'm pretty sure he'll be having a lot of adventures on his own, probably even more than me.

As for me, I'll be moving on to other things. To all those who have visited this blog through the years, thanks for visiting. :-)

Signing off.